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RJ Gabriel Pineda was born on April 30, 2004. He is an upcoming Grade 11 STEM student, currently enrolled at Madapdap Resettlement Senior High School (MaRSHS). In fact, he is a consistent honor student in his elementary school life and graduated sixth-grade as the valedictorian of their school. He finished junior high school, placing as one of the students who received "With High Honors" award. He continued to reap various awards in his high school life, and will further achieve more of his set goals.

He started his freelancing career recently when he noticed that he wants to give services to those who need it. Knowing that he has the basic skills for such services, he decided to conquer the new world he discovered, generating income for his future. He also wants to do this for a living because he wanted to help his family, in the middle of a pandemic, where his family couldn't work regularly. 

"Eclipse is Dreaming" was founded on September 1, 2020 by RJ Gabriel Pineda when suddenly, his family experienced severe financial instability, not knowing what to do he approached his friends for advice he may use. Gifted with the basic skills in digital designing, he launched his proposed project. He is also concerned of youth's education like himself, he will help students who have a hard time adjusting to the new normal, and will both fulfill their desired expectations.

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